FIG Rings

Model TQ1006

FIG Approved

All FIG Approved equipment meets the FIG Apparatus Norms, and has independently tested and approved by the International Federation of Gymnastics.

Beaded multi-layer wooden rings can be stressed uniformly and create buffer actions to prevent hand injuries with stainless steel wire and leather belt suspension to improve shock absorption and reduce risk of injury.

Frame material is high quality carbon steel material, with chrome-plated metal tubes.

The columns are welded by high quality 60×60 mm and 55×55 mm square tube, to ensure stability.

Crossbeam is 120x80mm steel tube with built-in rubber spring device to absorb shock.

The adjusting rod area is made of 55x55cm steel tube, with a specially treated surface to improve ease of adjustment.

Adjustment range 30cm, with increment of 5cm.

Stands have round disc floor protection devices to disperse weight and ensure stability, which are secured by means of a double cable tension system.

The tension equipment consists of 6mm steel cable steel chain, 4 tighteners, and steel coil.

The tension-adjustment gear is also included.

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